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Jagadguru Ramswaroop Acharya Ji

Jagadguru Ramswaroopacharya Ji has never advanced claim that he has attained divinity. He merely presents to the society, what he has been able to receive in his quest of Truth. He has spent Many years of his life in deep meditation in proximity of his Guru.

He has faith and respect for all religions. He affirms and expresses his belief that there is only one God who controls the whole universe. All the creations in the universe are purely out of His will and wish. Further, all human beings are children of the same Almighty. We are just like waves in the ocean longing to merge with our source of origin, that is, God whose fraction we are. We take birth again and again to bear the fruits of Karma. He has firm belief that all the religions of the world convey the same basic message of love, peace and brotherhood.

Jagadguru Ramswaroopacharya Ji Presently he is residing in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India. He believes that Spiritual Sadhna is the highest goal of human life and this goal can be achieved only in the human form. Human body is meant both to suffer as well as enjoy (bhogadeha). However, one has to realize that the goal of human life is much more than accumulating wealth and raising a family. If we observe nature closely we see that animals, birds, even tiny insects do their duties sincerely, artistically and probably at times better than human beings. If we say that human life is the highest form of life on this earth, then the purpose of our life also has to be highest of all beings. He has tremendous faith and dedication towards the teachings of various Hindu Scriptures especially Shrimad Bhagwat, Shri Ramcharit Manas and Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. He is also blessed with a melodious and divine voice.

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